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The Psychology of Sales
$110.00 each

Interactive, dynamic and personalized e-learning module to help you increase your sales!

This interactive e-learning module is packed full of video tips - making it feel like a personal coaching session! This module takes around 4 hours to complete and covers the following topics:

  • Attitudes and behaviours of customers
  • The buying environment today
  • Your Competitive Edge - competitor research activities
  • The decision-making (buying) process
  • Analysis of your own sales presentation
  • Communicating with and influencing different personality types
  • Successful Attitudes and behaviours of sales people

This Psychology of Sales e-learning module is designed for sales people with existing sales experience. It provides fresh strategies, and encourages a new way of thinking about sales for even the most seasoned sales person!


NB - Smaller modules on topics within The Psychology of Sales can be bought individually (from between $25-$35 each) 

1.  Get the Competitive Edge

2.  Influencing Different Personality Types

3.  Secrets to a Successful Attitude

4.  The Decision-Making (buying) Process


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